The Ultimate Guide To Travel Photography For Beginners

Traveling brings together the best aspects of photography, and people take some of their best pictures in the unfamiliar territory of another city, state, country, or even continent.

This is because they are surrounded by people of all sorts of different cultures, not just the locals, but other tourists as well.

There is also the transport aspect of travel; this can involve very striking things such as planes, boats, cars, bicycles and even rickshaws.

Palm Trees at Sunset, Barbados, West Indies

Palm Trees at Sunset, Barbados, West Indies

Be Prepared

An important part of travel photography is being prepared; I cannot stress how important it is to have your camera with you at all times. You will also need to be ready to get your camera out and snap the moment when it arises. People who are overseas are often out of their comfort zones and can express a lot of emotion, which can be amazing if captured well.

Culture is a great thing; it is what identifies people and what some feel very strongly about. Pictures that reflect culture can be absorbing. This is because traditions and ways of life that are foreign to you can shock you and have a significant impact. These include poverty, religion, culture, music, art and more.

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How to get these shots

Like stated before having your camera is a good start. Look for things that are unusual or pleasing to the eye. When on a guided tour or safari, try to go off the beaten track and get pictures of things that everyone else misses.

It is also a good idea to avoid postcard shots, which are over-photographed scenes, usually landscapes. However, a “postcard shot” shown in a different way or new light can be a great way to convey a message through the medium of photography.

Traveling Around London – The Rise In Black Cab & Minicab Numbers….

There has been a drastic rise in the number of new minicabs for hire in London.

The rise can be attributed to the successful growth of Uber, the ridding app, which has acquired more than 20000 new cars in a three years period.


The sharp increase in the number of taxis has led to traffic congestion in London which has resulted to the length of journeys to be increased by almost 10%. Despite causing congestion, the cars also pollute the air by their emissions from their exhausts.

However, uber has launched a cab sharing service that will enable some of its customers to share rides if they are headed for the same destination.

This is a move that the firm believes will greatly reduce congestion as well as pollution in the London capital. For example you could hire a minicab Southwark from the West End and find yourself sharing both the ride and fare with up to 3 others. It’s an attractive proposition if you consider the fare would be split into four.

black cab

Many taxi operators in London have also complained about the stiff competition that Uber has brought to their business. Uber has therefore contributed to congestion, pollution, and competition in the minicab business.

How To Survive A Hot Summer In Australia

You talk of real summer in other countries, but I’ll tell you that you’re wrong. Real summer is in Australia. It involves a hot sun that is above 36C (97F). The sun beats down massively on you, and the air is void of moisture.

You try to go to the beach, but you find that it’s full. You think of field and grass, but they are all dry. If you find a calm place, the flies are all swarming there. That’s how we can describe it. And since we have agreed that Australia’s summer is hot, you better arm yourself with the right clothing and a few fundamental knowledge below.



The general rule for dressing during hot weather is to wear light-coloured clothing that is loosely-fitting you.

Cotton is an excellent fabric to choose, while synthetics aren’t often the best as they can make you sweat extensively. I believe in the market there are fabrics designed specifically to resist perspiration, so why not go for these?

Don’t forget a hat, furthermore, let it be a wide-brimmed because it would be useful to protect you from direct sunlight.



After you’ve purchased the right clothing, then add a sunscreen lotion. However, this shouldn’t be used as a last resort or simply on beach days. Moreover, use the right lotion for your skin.

Some sunscreen lotions have formulas to various skins and age group. You would rather spend time studying them. Concerning lotions, one secret I would reveal here is that the best lotion for Australian is the one with at least SPF 30.



Always stay hydrated. In this case, water is the best drink. Others comprising of caffeine, lots of sugar or alcohol risk further dehydration. Also, be aware that freezing beverages.

They can cause you cramps due to a sudden change of temperature. However, you should never drink water excessively. Sometimes it has been seen to cause water intoxication, though this is rare to find. First Aid

Equip yourself with basic first aid skills in cases of sun stroke, and extreme sunburn. Strategies for this vary, so it’s a good idea to ask for advice from your general practitioner or a pharmacist before the time comes.

The standard procedures for sunstroke include cold water compresses and application of aloe vera gel to the stricken areas. Additionally, the victim should be taken to a cool place immediately, and removed any tight-fitting clothing. Bathe the victim in the cool water, but avoid covering them with cold clothing since that would prevent heat from leaving the body.

Useful Equipment

Equipment includes fans and air conditioners. Place fans throughout the house. For air conditioners, you can hire, or purchase and have them installed from a company like Snowman evaporative air conditioning installation in Melbourne.
With these few tips. You can be sure that your summer would be a good experience.

How To Survive A Winter In New York

New York can become severely cold in the winter, that’s why heating in New York and your HVAC system need to be maintained to withstand the freezing days of winter. It is vital that you contact a Heating and HVAC company in New York to prepare your unit for the upcoming winter.

There are also some simple ways to mitigate the cold air in your house during those New York winter days such as closing a vacant room in your house that traps in cold air. Another way is to increase the heat from your heating system and thermostat, but be careful never to shut off your heat in your house as this can cause freezing in your pipes and a breakdown of your heating equipment. Lower your heat to save money but never shut it off.



Living in New York can be expensive (we have first hand experience of that) in order to save costs on heating you should always wrap up warm for winter, even though you are just lounging around your home or apartment. You will often find us in scarves, hats and layers of clothes casually sitting watching TV!


With a diverse range of New York HVAC and Heating companies you have a wide array of companies to choose from. You should look for a company that is established with the best mechanics and technology in the industry to solve your New York heating problems.

TeleTemp Cooling has been serving the New York, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Long Island communities for over 30 years. Whether you need repair of your heating system, a tune-up, or a full installation, this company is well suited to handle your home or businesses’ heating system.


While each heating and air conditioning repair service in New York will promise to attend to your problems, choosing a company that has the highest level of customer satisfaction and rapport is essential.

There are many start-up air conditioning and heating companies in New York so it is best to pick one that has a history of customer satisfaction like TeleTemp Cooling

Top 10 Tips For Traveling To Spain

Spain is a lovely country for spending holidays, and it is because of breathtaking countryside, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant culture. Here are some tips when paying a visit to Spain.

1: Places to visit

There are different attractions including the national park, historical and religious sites, top beaches and many other exciting places

2: Food

Since oceans on three sides surround Spain, it is natural that Peninsula is greatly influenced with seafood.

3: Accommodations

The best choice is locating you in a self-catering villa that comes in all sizes and allows you to stay in your comfort and privacy.

4: Tipping

In Spain, most of the restaurant menu included in the charge, and there is no need to pay extra to the waiter, but if you desire, you can always add more to the tip.

5: Passports

You must carry passports to travel anywhere in Spain unless you do not belong to EU nations. If you stay longer than 90 days, you must also have approved visa on your passport.


6: Off Season

A lot of people prefer Spain in the off-season due to the enormous amount of discounts they can avail, especially with the price of accommodation which you can try here and not to mention the air travel charges are also less during the off-season.

7: Transport.

Spain has an extended network of airports serving the different cities and towns. Train services, ferry services and also road services are all well developed.

8: Money


Money is an important aspect, and Spain travel can be costly. The country’s currency is Euros since it is part of EU nations.

9: Traditions

Spanish siesta is an important custom. Be ready to appreciate their custom when traveling to Spain.

10: Language

Lastly, Conversation is an inevitable that when it comes to moving to Spain, you should be prepared for lively and friendly conversations and appreciate their language.

5 Luxurious Budget Hotels Across The Globe

The UK is the home of hospitality. There are several luxurious hotels in the UK that operate on budget. In this hotels, you can get all the luxury of a 5 Star hotel yet still paying very cheap prices for services. This Article will comprehensively review five of such hotels in the UK. They include:



The Fairfield House Hotel is situated at 12 Fairfield road, Ayr, Scotland, UK. Located by the Sea, this hotel is just ten minutes walk from the Wellington Square. The Ayr Town Hall and Ayr Pavilion are also within 15 minutes walking distance. The Hotel has several comfort facilities which includes an indoor pool. There is free Wi-Fi service in the public areas of the Hotel and free self parking service is provided.The Hotel has a Spa tub, a Coffee cafe and a bar. The room amenities are all modern, they include Digital Television, Coffee Makers, Hair Dryers among others. The incredible fact about this hotel is that all its services are cheap.



The Kemp Townhouse is a five star hotel located at 21 Atlingworth Street, Brighton, UK. It is an affordable five star hotel situated among a colourful mix of seafront crescents. The Hotel is within walking distance of Brighton Centre, Brighton Pier, Brighton Pavillion among other major attractions in the city. All the Rooms are equipped with the modern facilities you can expect to find in a 5 Star hotel room which includes Digital TV, Free-Wifi among others.The beds are equally comfortable.

3. Hotel Linho


The pousada no rio de janerio Hotel boasts a Luggage Hold, Room Service, Lounge, Elevators, Local Area Transportation among other services. The Hotel has a Pool, Sauna, Fitness Room and Steam Room. The Rooms have comfortable beds and are equipped with all modern facilities expected of a modern 5 Star Hotel.



The Greenland Villa is located Royal Standard, Blackheath within 20 minutes walking distance of Greenwich park in London. All the bedrooms of this Hotel are Suite with private Whirlpool baths and showers. The Hotel has a Guest Lounge and a fully licensed bar facility. The Hotel has a free parking policy and a flexible check in and check out time. Their Website is



The Pillar Hotel is located at Leafy Hendon Area of North West London. All the Rooms in this Hotel have 32″LCD television showing Satelite Television Stations. All the rooms have comfortable beds and Luxury bath amenities among other modern facilities. The Hotel also has an in-house kosher kitchen which has the capacity to cater for all kinds of events. The website for this hotel is

The Ultimate Accommodation Guide


As one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers to the UK, it’s a safe bet that Wales has more than enough holiday parks to suit people of all budgets and tastes. We’ve been around long enough to know the ones to avoid and those that you have to pitch up at as soon as you can. Brynteg in Anglesey has all of the comforts you could need and the facilities to make it one of the best available. There’s also Ogwen Bank, beautifully situated near the iconic river of the same name and for those looking for something in the south of the country, Cardigan Bay Holiday Park has had stellar reviews for a good reason. Other holiday parks worth mentioning include, Morfa Lodge, Golden Sands, Ty Mawr, Trecco Bay, Bluestone and Tan Y Bryn Caravan Park. If you’re still undecided, My Passport 2 Europe have a broad selection of researched holiday parks for you to browse through.


We have been fortunate enough to experience some absolute exhilarating boat rides and amazing fishing trips courtesy of Deep sea fishing gold coast during our time spent in Europe and the rest of the world. Our most memorable was a trip from MacDonald’s Turkey Point Marina in Canada. Stunning scenery, amazing weather and an extremely friendly crew made this a day we will never forget. For further information visit the official website.


Budget Hotels in the UK

If you’re thinking of holidaymaking with your family, the last thing you want do is spend money that you don’t have to on a hotel. That’s why it’s important to do your research on places to stay prior to everyone jumping in the car and setting off – exactly what we here at My Passport 2 Europe aim to help you with. We know that areas like London might be on the pricey side for whole families, but we also know the road less travelled provides gorgeous, boutique hotels that won’t leave an impression on your wallet. Chain hotels like Premier Inn are typically a safe bet with the one in London County Hall going as low as £29pp! Travelodge might have them beaten for value, however, as their locations in Scarborough, Redditch, and London Covent Garden are only £19pp. Looking for somewhere in particular? We have you covered, be sure to browse our website today to find just what you need.


Families from all over the world flock to the UK on their holidays as it’s one of the most accessible places for people of all ages. Even Brits themselves don’t know all of the hidden and amazing attractions for kids and adults alike. The big cities always offer shows and productions, but for a breath of fresh air and something out of the ordinary, it’s always best to stray slightly further afield. The underground trampolines in North Wales, theme parks like Chessington and Alton Towers, iconic landmarks such as Stonehenge and many other fun-filled activities and locations are never too far when you take a holiday to the United Kingdom. If you are staying in the big cities, there’s a fine selection of different museums and galleries for people of all ages. Looking for an excuse to lighten your wallet, too? London, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh are famous for being perfect shopping destinations, so if you’re trying to spoil yourself and the kids, you will have plenty of opportunities during your travels.
There’s no denying that travelling can sometimes be a stressful exercise as you try to find the perfect location and please everyone in the family, so be sure to relieve some of that stress by browsing My Passport 2 Europe for all the information and advice you could need.

Moving Home – It’s Been Painful But We Got There In The End!!

The last few weeks could only be described as turbulent!

After a year of deliberation, me and Nick finally decided to bite the bullet and move home!

There has been so much to remember from the us post office change of address to organising the delivery drivers, the anticipation that all of it might not even happen as we were let down at the last minute!!

Anyway I decided to create this infographic to help all of you guys and girls who are either in the process of or thinking of moving home!!

Be great to hear your thoughts in the comment section below….