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Best Places to Visit in the UK

In almost every town and city in United Kingdom, you can easily find a rich sense of history or a range of different things to see and do, whether by yourself or with loved ones.

For those seeking the hustle and bustle, London is unmissable, and even has plenty to offer the kids – no surprise considering how large the capital city is. For a quieter pace, an area like Bath is without equal as the beautiful architecture, including the Roman Baths and various galleries and museums, offer a sense of tranquility unmatched by many areas. If Bath isn’t quite estranged enough from the hectic pace of a modern lifestyle, the Cotswolds offer an atmosphere unlike any other, as if you’ve stepped into another century. You can easily find peace of mind in the region as you enjoy its many museums and festivals.

The people of the United Kingdom also make it one of the most intriguing regions to visit as from Edinburgh to the Isle of Wight and everywhere in between, locals have changing dialects and mannerisms, meaning one city is completely different to the next. Other places in the UK that cannot be missed include Devon, Lake District, Cornwall, and Brighton.

Best Hotels in the UK

They say a holiday isn’t quite a holiday unless you’re able to unwind, so one of the simplest ways of doing that is to find yourself a nice, tranquil hotel – you might want to avoid the beaten path and choose something other than a Premier Inn or Travelodge to really relax in luxury. It’s no surprise that London has a lot of acclaimed hotels, such as the Corinthia, The Goring, and Rosewood, but there are still many fantastic hotels in other regions that have more their fair share of fans. In Cornwall you have the likes of Falmouth Town House and Gurnard’s Head, whereas in the Lake District there is the Coledale Inn and in the Cotswolds, there’s even the opportunity to stay the night in a refurbished Post Office! What’s better still is that all of those hotels start from under £100pp, perfect for those looking for quality without breaking the bank. Maybe you are on a budget – be sure to check out the guide here

Best Holiday Parks in Wales

As one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers to the UK, it’s a safe bet that Wales has more than enough holiday parks to suit people of all budgets and tastes. We’ve been around long enough to know the ones to avoid and those that you have to pitch up at as soon as you can. Brynteg in Anglesey has all of the comforts you could need and the facilities to make it one of the best available. There’s also Ogwen Bank, beautifully situated near the iconic river of the same name and for those looking for something in the south of the country, Cardigan Bay Holiday Park has had stellar reviews for a good reason. Other holiday parks worth mentioning include, Morfa Lodge, Golden Sands, Ty Mawr, Trecco Bay, Bluestone and Tan Y Bryn Caravan Park. If you’re still undecided, My Passport 2 Europe have a broad selection of researched holiday parks for you to browse through.

Best Boat Rides

We have been fortunate enough to experience some absolute exhilarating boat rides and amazing fishing trips courtesy of Deep sea fishing gold coast during our time spent in Europe and the rest of the world. Our most memorable was a trip from MacDonald’s Turkey Point Marina in Canada. Stunning scenery, amazing weather and an extremely friendly crew made this a day we will never forget. For further information visit the official website.

Budget Hotels in the UK

If you’re thinking of holidaymaking with your family, the last thing you want do is spend money that you don’t have to on a hotel. That’s why it’s important to do your research on places to stay prior to everyone jumping in the car and setting off – exactly what we here at My Passport 2 Europe aim to help you with. We know that areas like London might be on the pricey side for whole families, but we also know the road less travelled provides gorgeous, boutique hotels that won’t leave an impression on your wallet. Chain hotels like Premier Inn are typically a safe bet with the one in London County Hall going as low as £29pp! Travelodge might have them beaten for value, however, as their locations in Scarborough, Redditch, and London Covent Garden are only £19pp. Looking for somewhere in particular? We have you covered, be sure to browse our website today to find just what you need.

Best Family Attractions in the UK

Families from all over the world flock to the UK on their holidays as it’s one of the most accessible places for people of all ages. Even Brits themselves don’t know all of the hidden and amazing attractions for kids and adults alike. The big cities always offer shows and productions, but for a breath of fresh air and something out of the ordinary, it’s always best to stray slightly further afield. The underground trampolines in North Wales, theme parks like Chessington and Alton Towers, iconic landmarks such as Stonehenge and many other fun-filled activities and locations are never too far when you take a holiday to the United Kingdom. If you are staying in the big cities, there’s a fine selection of different museums and galleries for people of all ages. Looking for an excuse to lighten your wallet, too? London, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh are famous for being perfect shopping destinations, so if you’re trying to spoil yourself and the kids, you will have plenty of opportunities during your travels.
There’s no denying that travelling can sometimes be a stressful exercise as you try to find the perfect location and please everyone in the family, so be sure to relieve some of that stress by browsing My Passport 2 Europe for all the information and advice you could need.