Top 10 Tips For Traveling To Spain

Spain is a lovely country for spending holidays, and it is because of breathtaking countryside, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant culture. Here are some tips when paying a visit to Spain.

1: Places to visit

There are different attractions including the national park, historical and religious sites, top beaches and many other exciting places

2: Food

Since oceans on three sides surround Spain, it is natural that Peninsula is greatly influenced with seafood.

3: Accommodations

The best choice is locating you in a self-catering villa that comes in all sizes and allows you to stay in your comfort and privacy.

4: Tipping

In Spain, most of the restaurant menu included in the charge, and there is no need to pay extra to the waiter, but if you desire, you can always add more to the tip.

5: Passports

You must carry passports to travel anywhere in Spain unless you do not belong to EU nations. If you stay longer than 90 days, you must also have approved visa on your passport.


6: Off Season

A lot of people prefer Spain in the off-season due to the enormous amount of discounts they can avail, especially with the price of accommodation which you can try here and not to mention the air travel charges are also less during the off-season.

7: Transport.

Spain has an extended network of airports serving the different cities and towns. Train services, ferry services and also road services are all well developed.

8: Money


Money is an important aspect, and Spain travel can be costly. The country’s currency is Euros since it is part of EU nations.

9: Traditions

Spanish siesta is an important custom. Be ready to appreciate their custom when traveling to Spain.

10: Language

Lastly, Conversation is an inevitable that when it comes to moving to Spain, you should be prepared for lively and friendly conversations and appreciate their language.

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