How To Survive A Hot Summer In Australia


You talk of real summer in other countries, but I’ll tell you that you’re wrong. Real summer is in Australia. It involves a hot sun that is above 36C (97F). The sun beats down massively on you, and the air is void of moisture.

You try to go to the beach, but you find that it’s full. You think of field and grass, but they are all dry. If you find a calm place, the flies are all swarming there. That’s how we can describe it. And since we have agreed that Australia’s summer is hot, you better arm yourself with the right clothing and a few fundamental knowledge below.



The general rule for dressing during hot weather is to wear light-coloured clothing that is loosely-fitting you.

Cotton is an excellent fabric to choose, while synthetics aren’t often the best as they can make you sweat extensively. I believe in the market there are fabrics designed specifically to resist perspiration, so why not go for these?

Don’t forget a hat, furthermore, let it be a wide-brimmed because it would be useful to protect you from direct sunlight.



After you’ve purchased the right clothing, then add a sunscreen lotion. However, this shouldn’t be used as a last resort or simply on beach days. Moreover, use the right lotion for your skin.

Some sunscreen lotions have formulas to various skins and age group. You would rather spend time studying them. Concerning lotions, one secret I would reveal here is that the best lotion for Australian is the one with at least SPF 30.



Always stay hydrated. In this case, water is the best drink. Others comprising of caffeine, lots of sugar or alcohol risk further dehydration. Also, be aware that freezing beverages.

They can cause you cramps due to a sudden change of temperature. However, you should never drink water excessively. Sometimes it has been seen to cause water intoxication, though this is rare to find. First Aid

Equip yourself with basic first aid skills in cases of sun stroke, and extreme sunburn. Strategies for this vary, so it’s a good idea to ask for advice from your general practitioner or a pharmacist before the time comes.

The standard procedures for sunstroke include cold water compresses and application of aloe vera gel to the stricken areas. Additionally, the victim should be taken to a cool place immediately, and removed any tight-fitting clothing. Bathe the victim in the cool water, but avoid covering them with cold clothing since that would prevent heat from leaving the body.

Useful Equipment

Equipment includes fans and air conditioners. Place fans throughout the house. For air conditioners, you can hire, or purchase and have them installed from a company likeĀ Snowman evaporative air conditioning installation in Melbourne.
With these few tips. You can be sure that your summer would be a good experience.

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