Traveling Around London – The Rise In Black Cab & Minicab Numbers….

There has been a drastic rise in the number of new minicabs for hire in London.

The rise can be attributed to the successful growth of Uber, the ridding app, which has acquired more than 20000 new cars in a three years period.


The sharp increase in the number of taxis has led to traffic congestion in London which has resulted to the length of journeys to be increased by almost 10%. Despite causing congestion, the cars also pollute the air by their emissions from their exhausts.

However, uber has launched a cab sharing service that will enable some of its customers to share rides if they are headed for the same destination.

This is a move that the firm believes will greatly reduce congestion as well as pollution in the London capital. For example you could hire a minicab Southwark from the West End and find yourself sharing both the ride and fare with up to 3 others. It’s an attractive proposition if you consider the fare would be split into four.

black cab

Many taxi operators in London have also complained about the stiff competition that Uber has brought to their business. Uber has therefore contributed to congestion, pollution, and competition in the minicab business.

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