The Ultimate Guide To Travel Photography For Beginners


Traveling brings together the best aspects of photography, and people take some of their best pictures in the unfamiliar territory of another city, state, country, or even continent.

This is because they are surrounded by people of all sorts of different cultures, not just the locals, but other tourists as well.

There is also the transport aspect of travel; this can involve very striking things such as planes, boats, cars, bicycles and even rickshaws.

Palm Trees at Sunset, Barbados, West Indies

Palm Trees at Sunset, Barbados, West Indies

Be Prepared

An important part of travel photography is being prepared; I cannot stress how important it is to have your camera with you at all times. You will also need to be ready to get your camera out and snap the moment when it arises. People who are overseas are often out of their comfort zones and can express a lot of emotion, which can be amazing if captured well.

Culture is a great thing; it is what identifies people and what some feel very strongly about. Pictures that reflect culture can be absorbing. This is because traditions and ways of life that are foreign to you can shock you and have a significant impact. These include poverty, religion, culture, music, art and more.

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How to get these shots

Like stated before having your camera is a good start. Look for things that are unusual or pleasing to the eye. When on a guided tour or safari, try to go off the beaten track and get pictures of things that everyone else misses.

It is also a good idea to avoid postcard shots, which are over-photographed scenes, usually landscapes. However, a “postcard shot” shown in a different way or new light can be a great way to convey a message through the medium of photography.

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