How To Survive A Hot Summer In Australia

You talk of real summer in other countries, but I’ll tell you that you’re wrong. Real summer is in Australia. It involves a hot sun that is above 36C (97F). The sun beats down massively on you, and the air is void of moisture. You try to go to the beach, but you find that […]

Top 10 Tips For Traveling To Spain

Spain is a lovely country for spending holidays, and it is because of breathtaking countryside, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant culture. Here are some tips when paying a visit to Spain. 1: Places to visit There are different attractions including the national park, historical and religious sites, top beaches and many other exciting places 2: […]

Moving Home – It’s Been Painful But We Got There In The End!!

The last few weeks could only be described as turbulent! After a year of deliberation, me and Nick finally decided to bite the bullet and move home! There has been so much to remember from the us post office change of address to organising the delivery drivers, the anticipation that all of it might not […]

UK Experience

UK Experience In almost every town and city in United Kingdom, you can easily find a rich sense of history or a range of different things to see and do, whether by yourself or with loved ones. For those seeking the hustle and bustle, London is unmissable, and even has plenty to offer the kids […]

5 Reasons To Book A Caravan Holiday

When the weather starts to turn for the worse or even for the better, we all start to think about taking a holiday away from the 9-5. If you’re thinking of doing something out of the ordinary for your break, you can’t go wrong with a caravan holiday. If you’re intrigued about pitching up and […]